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Food advertising really works when people are hungry
19 March 2009, 9:10 am
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Children at Dairy Queen (1957), originally uploaded by dogwelder.

Last night one of my roommates and I were being lazy, unproductive college students and sitting in our living room watching America’s Next Top Model, the beginning of 90210, the end of Rush Hour 2, and all of Make Me a Super Model. Some of our observations included: alot of the girls on this season of ANTM look like the ones in other seasons and Jackie Chan doesn’t seem to know what is going on during the bloopers.
Well, somewhere in between all these shows we realized we were getting hungry. Then a Dairy Queen commercial came on talking about the new specials they were offering. It was at that moment that we were both persuaded to go to Dairy Queen. Unfortunately, out of the four roommates, we’re the two that don’t have cars. Grreeaatt. So we calmed our hunger by eating Tostitos, but after seeing the delicious things available at Dairy Queen we really really wanted to go.
My immediate roommate got home and I told her that if she took us to Dairy Queen, I would buy her something. Then we embarked on a quest to find the nearest Dairy Queen to us. Lazy college students that we are, we did not get up to go to our computers to look one up. I did it on my blackberry and my roommate did it on her iPhone. After 15 minutes of trying she finally found all the Dairy Queens within a 50 mile radius. Yes we were willing to go that far. We proceeded to call all their numbers only to find that they closed (mostly at 9 and it was already 11). We quenched our hunger for the deliciousness that escaped us by 2 hours with cookies and oranges.
I think we might go today … at least I hope so.