Ya Heard?

26 July 2009, 8:39 am
Filed under: Life

My laptop decided to stop working last night. My mom insisted that I get her on Youtube last night and when I finally relented my laptop did the same thing it did a couple months back at school and made this blue screen appear with all these computer terms that I don’t understand. Then it started turning on and off by itself until I took the battery out. It was horrible. I’m planning on going down to San Diego to visit friends anyways so I’ll just drop it off at tech support so they can work their magic. I’m now on the relic that is my old PC and iTunes won’t play any of my music.

I might have gotten up on the wrong foot two days in a row or is it on the wrong side of the bed? This is what can happen to bilingual children; we might get a little confused. OMG I’m pulling a Ricky Ricardo! Now I’m totally OK with it.


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