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Things my grandmother taught me
16 June 2009, 6:38 am
Filed under: Life

My grandmother died last Wednesday. The doctor said there was nothing left to do so we took her back to her house in the village the night before she died. Just walking around her house and the village reminded me of all the times we spent together in those places. Being back home in L.A. helps to forget the pain a little, but she also came here when I was five so I remember things from them. Here things my grandmother taught me:

  1. Cats are the devil because they eat their children.
  2. Dogs smell nasty when you try to give them a bath.
  3. DO NOT leave your arroz con leche on when you go answer a telephone call … it will burn.
  4. How to speak Zapoteco because that’s all she spoke to my mom when she came to the states.
  5. My dad will never stop drinking because his mother has wished so many bad things for him.
  6. Family is family no matter how mad they make you, because one day you will end up needing them.
  7. You really do need all those people going to help out at funerals.
  8. If you take too long running an errand you WILL turn into a vulture.
  9. Don’t act too quickly on something you hear.

Things I remember:

  1. Trying to buy food with food stamps she found.
  2. Trying to make us tortilla chips and burning them, but still making us eat them
  3. Trying to walk to my mom’s job during the Martin Luther King Jr Day Parade.
  4. Consoling me when I was crying because I thought I wasn’t going to be able to afford going back to college.
  5. Going to the Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe and the Pyramids in Mexico City.
  6. Going to the Pyramids in Monte Alban.
  7. Trying to take out the lice out of my sister’s hair.
  8. Taking the lice out of my hair by using RAID when I was five.
  9. Her yelling at me about not being able to proper care of my sister.
  10. Watching Dora the Explorer with my sister, even though she always fell asleep.
  11. Preaching about how blenders and washing machines aren’t as good as doing things by hand.

More will be added as I remember.


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