Ya Heard?

“Why would you want to go there?????????”
14 May 2009, 8:40 am
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Yesterday, I was online job hunting for the majority of the day (at work). That should tell you how slow it is around here. During this job hunt, I found out I could actually be a teller at a bank without having any experience. Right now it sounds way better than working at any fast food restaurant, so hopefully I’ll get hired. The application required me to do basic algebra, something I haven’t done in about two years. I thought I was going to DIE. That part was so not fun. Fingers crossed I’ll get hired, seems like an easy enough job. My co-worker,who used to work in a bank, says it’s pretty much like what I do here. I contemplated working at Starbucks, but I would probably drink coffee the majority of the day (probably not very good for me).

A few hours after I completed the arduous task of filling out the application, a girl that works in the office next door came in and I asked her if she knew of any jobs in LA. Her response: “Why would you want to go there?” My answer: “Because I’m from there!” I should have said: “Because it’s everything San Diego will never be!”


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