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Listen. Do you want to know a secret?
18 April 2009, 5:56 pm
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A couple of months ago I wrote about getting abandoned for a boy at UCSD and meeting that boy and not liking him because he was so condescending to my friends and I and me just having that feeling I have about people that are no good (which is usually spot on).

The other day I was having lunch with my roommate that introduced this guy to my roommate. So the day that they met she was having a party at our friend’s place and told my roommate (the one I actually share a room with) that a guy she had met at a club wanted to meet her and this whole fucked up fiasco started. Anywho, at lunch she told me he in fact wanted to get with her not my roommate she led to believe he liked, her “bestfriend”. She basically used her bestfriend to get a guy off her back making her believe he liked her. She told me he kept texting her to leave her boyfriend for him because he’ll treat her better. After her she told me all of this she said, “I think he really likes her now!” Oh yeah this is after she tells me he texts her everytime my roommate stops him from having sex with her. Very good friendship we all have.

Oh and I only wrote this because I know they’ll never read this. I’m not going to tell her anything because then I’ll be the bad guy and somehow he’ll end up looking good. I just know it.


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