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Mixtape Mania
10 April 2009, 4:18 pm
Filed under: Music

My roommate and I have very different music taste. She likes pretty much all the new songs on our local Hip Hop Station, while I like all the songs on my iPod (mostly by British bands); her side of the wall has rappers and basketball stuff, my side has Arctic Monkeys, Foals, Klaxons, Beatles, and a Kooks poster my friend stole from F.Y.E. for me. We did compromise on the door though which is a collage of Hip Hop and and less “mainstream” artists that only I seem to care about in my entire apartment.

So the other day my roommate told me she wanted me to make her a CD of “my music” … I told her to make me a  CD of “her music”. So now I’m sitting here trying to find an order to almost two hundred songs and divide them into at least 3 categories which I have “cleverly” named: XOXO (because she loves Gossip Girl and this CD will contain love songs), Neu-Rave (because it has so-called “Nu Rave” artists, but I wanted to mix it up a bit), and Whatever Happened to My Rock N’ Roll (because I can’t think of anything else and it’s the only one that kind of makes sense).

I’m excited for her mixed CD too because I get some of my current favorites including: Poker Face and Kiss Me through the Phone.

Now I need to figure out how to condense and order all these songs. Now I kind of know how bands feel when they have to put an order to the songs on their albums, except they probably have more talent in their pinkie than I do in my entire body.


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