Ya Heard?

The day I was on the same bus as an escort.
29 March 2009, 5:47 pm
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Last week was hectic. So hectic that I did not have time to even write about what happened when I went home for the weekend. So I get out of work and go back home to get a ride from my roommate. She finally gets back and takes me to Jack in the Box where the only thing I can eat off the entire menu is basically a grilled cheese sandwich because it’s Friday and Catholics can’t eat meat during Lent. Why I still go along with this I do not know. Especially since I don’t know what I believe in anymore.

I finally get to the bus station and there’s still like half an hour before the next bus leaves so I have plenty of time to buy my ticket. Right? Wrong! There’s like 5 asian tourist in line a few people in front of me who do not speak a word of English. They could barely communicate with the people at the counter. I heard the last call for the bus I wanted to take over the intercom. I was so pissed. Anyway in the end I was able to catch the bus after quickly showing the security guard I was not carrying any weapons or drugs in my bag. So I sit in the closest seat I find next to someone I think might not give me the evil eye for sitting next to them.

I situate myself and see some girl on her laptop on the other side of the bus. My first impression: That’s stupid. Why would you take out your laptop on the Greyhound where half of the passangers look like they were just released from prison and could attack you in the many dark alleys of Los Angeles when you get off the bus? Yeah I didn’t think she was too smart. Suddenly,  see her desktop wallpaper. It’s some girl in lingerie. That girl happened to be her. Yeah I was like oh my goodness wooooowwwwwwwww!!!!!!! Then I see her reading this word document with all these other girls in lingerie. It looked like some sort of manual. Then, she goes on the website called Sugar Daddy or something along those lines and starts replying to messages. So I start thinking … hmmmm I don’t want to start jumping to conclusions but this girl might be an escort. First thing that comes to mind: OMG SECRET DIARY OF A CALL GIRL! THIS GIRL IS LIKE A REAL LIFE BELLE! If that wasn’t enough she pulls out 5 different cellphones throughout the 3 hour trip and at one point makes a really suspicious phone call. I tried not to listen and turned up my iPod as loud as my little ears could handle. It was so surreal! I texted my roommate later and she was like how are you so sure? I told her everything I saw and she agreed that I wasn’t really jumping to conclusions.


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