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I’m getting old really fast
27 March 2009, 9:50 am
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I already have the sleeping pattern of an old woman. I go to bed early and get up early, when I don’t have any school work due that is.

Well today I felt my life flashing before me at my inability to open the door on a public bus. I seriously could not open it. I pushed it with all the strength I had left over from not sleeping for the last 4 days and it never opened. I had to walk all the way up to the front to get out. I was so embarrassed. If I can’t open a door at 19 how am I going to do it in 20 years? I probably wouldn’t be able to use computers if I were born a decade earlier.

Now I have to focus on a paper I have not written, on a book I haven’t read which is due at 5PM. No one has done me the favor of running me over, which would be a legitimate excuse for not turning in all they work that was due this week. After I’m done I have to share a story about my experience on the Greyhound. It was so surreal!

Oh my goodness. My supervisor just asked me if I was having hot flashes because I turned on the fan as soon as I got to work and set it facing me. This doesn’t help me in my “I’m getting old fast” situation.


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