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The roof was literally almost on fire
16 March 2009, 4:09 pm
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Making waffles is really not that hard. All you do is put them in a toaster right? Right. Well I gave up my cooking phase a few weeks back after burning some waffles because I left them in the toaster a little too long. Well I outdid myself on Friday. I was making waffles for my friend and I (we were both secretly living in my room because housing kicks us out over Spring Break) and my roommmate was in the shower (she was the only one who had permission to be there). I went in to my room to go tell our friend something and when we walked out we saw the waffle I put on one of the burners on top of melted plastic. In case you didn’t know, melted plastic looks like wax. Who would’ve thought? So the alarm started going off and it wouldn’t stop no matter how many windows we opened or fans we turned on. I even stood on the couch fanning the alarm hoping it would stop. That didn’t work either. My roommate ran out if the shower and a little after that we heard sirens. My friend realized we had to hide the alcohol that was in the kitchen and had thought the oven would be a good place. I reminded her that the stove was probably the first thing anyone would look at since that’s where the “fire” started. We determined it was better if we looked like we just got there so we ran outside right as our campus police got to our building. My friend and I couldn’t stop cracking up. Now they like to say:



….yep just another normal day in my life.


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