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Why do boys have to change everything?
6 March 2009, 3:42 pm
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Disclaimer: This is going to be a whiny-I’m-probably-overreacting-over-things-cuz-I-tend-to-do-that story.

Sunday, I went to see one of my favorite bands at the Loft at UCSD. I was so excited because no one (as in bands that I love) ever comes to San Diego and if they do it’s always at a 21+ venue so I’m screwed. But this time, thanks to the good people to at UCSD I got to see Cut off Your Hands supporting Ra Ra Riot. Needless to say they were amazing. I’m even more in love with their music after seeing them live! Don’t listen to all those haters out there that say how “they suck” or whatever. They lie. I say Cut off Your Hands are boss and trust me I am the expert on what can be considered boss.

Anyways that was the intro to my story. Moving on…

My roommate drove my friend and I to the show because I can’t drive and when I tried to learn I ended up crashing into a BMW. So it’s safe to say for my safety and that of San Diego residents I should not be behind the wheel of any car … at least not anytime soon. So she was supposed to pick us up after the show. I texted her to come and she didn’t text back. I get a call from one of our friends saying she doesn’t think she’ll come cuz she was with a guy she met that Friday.  I call my roommate and ask her is she’s going to come and she tells me she’ll be there in 20 minutes. 20 minutes go by no one in sight. I call/text her asking her where she is and if she’s coming and she never answered. I was fucking pissed to put it lightly. It wasn’t just cuz I even gave her gas money to take us and pick us up, but I never thought she would do something like that. Abandon the person she lives with, that listens to her whenever she’s having problems, that tries to be as nice as possible to her for some guy she barely met. If I had written this that night or the days following it I would’ve gone on and on about how I would never forgive her, but after a day and a half of not talking to her even though we were eating at the same time with the same people I gave in and started talking to her and she finally apologized.

Now everything is pretty much back to normal, but I highly doubt I’ll get over what she did.  I don’t think it’ll ever be the same. You know?

She wants me to meet this guy now to give her my honest opinion on what I think about him (because I’m “one of the closest people to her here”). Ummm I don’t think I’m the right person to ask because I already dislike him. I am so not looking forward to tonight… I don’t think it’ll be very boss.

UPDATE: I DO NOT LIKE HIM. You can tell he looks down on my friends and I. I’m not going to say anything though cuz I don’t want to meddle in other people’s affairs. She can find this out on her own and that way I won’t get blamed for anything.


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