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San Diego: The New Windy City?
9 February 2009, 5:18 pm
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September in San Diego feels like the desert. It gets ridiculously hot and you can’t step outside without at least sweating a little. This is not good if you’re allergic to your sweat. Yes I am allergic to my own sweat, but it’s genetic. I swear my sister is too … see it runs in the family. Well, if you’ve been anywhere in Southern California these past few days, you might have noticed the rain literally pouring down at times. It’s ridiculous. It’s from one extreme to another. This morning it was raining so much that my roommate and I left and hour early to catch the bus because walking would probably mean catching pneumonia or some other dreadful illness. When I left my last class an hour ago, I almost got blown away by the wind. I’m not even skinny … it was seriously that bad. Now I’m sitting in the comfort of my own room (not reading the book I have to finish by tomorrow) looking at the trees swaying back and forth and I think it started raining again. Oh so in class I made a couple of observations: people at school, all of whom are always well dressed and quite stylish, revert to sweats and UGGS in this weather. Second observation, UGGS end up looking really ugly after they get wet, as in a wet brown/green/ whatever color they come in sponge ugly. Bad idea girls. As for me I wore my comfy jeans that are torn from angle possible, a sweatshirt, and my version of the rainboots: Forever 21 faux-leather hightops. I plan on investing in rainboots but as soon as I get them the rain will probably stop and not come back for like six months. As for now I’m just hoping the palm trees don’t fall on me as I walk by.


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