Ya Heard?

I have a confession to make
25 January 2009, 11:06 pm
Filed under: Fashion

I love shoes. Like alot. It’s kind of ridiculous. I seriously think it’s genetic. My sister, who is still a toddler, loves shoes too. Whenever we go to a store she grabs a new pair that she likes and will not leave the store without. See it’s hereditary. Our grandmother would probably say this isn’t true because before my mom’s generation, our ancestors didn’t have enough money to wear shoes. This is probably where my love for being barefoot comes from. BIG CONTRADICTION  I know. I love shoes, but I also like walking around barefoot. Hey if I have to wear shoes they might as well be pretty right? Anyways my desire for shoes is never satisfied as proved by this little conversation:

Mom: Now that you’re going back to school don’t wear flip flops too much. You need to take better care of your feet.
Me: Mom I have NO SHOES!
Mom: You have so many shoes. You don’t even wear all of them….

She bought me some Oxford heels the other day. I still haven’t worn them, but I’m happy just to stare at them or admire them in a mirror. I was showing my roommate all the shoes I got over break and I didn’t realize there were so many until she said so. I think I might have a problem.


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