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Why, oh why?
21 November 2008, 1:58 pm
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Why do I have to like loners? This seriously happens to me everytime. Maybe loner isn’t the word. Maybe awkward people. This is an update on how my crush situation is unfolding.

Monday: Walking to lunch with my friend that works with him. Who do we see? HIM.
My Friend:
Hi [his name]
He passes us. Turns around. Awkwardly …
He keeps walking. I start freaking out when he’s out of sight.

Thursday: I’m at work. He comes in. I say “Do you need help?” He doesn’t hear me or decides to ignore me and my supervisor helps him. He was really awkward then too. Like even filling forms out and trying to explain why he was there. I tell my co worker that’s the guy I like and he informs me, to my embarrasment, that I’m blushing. A couple of hours later, I’m walking to a class I was already late for  and I see him running off to class.

Friday: Today I walk my other friend to work so I can kill time before my next class and while we’re sitting there talking and listening to the Beatles, this girl comes in asking if a ladder is in the office which it was and she walks over to get it. I turn around and who’s at the door (standing there awkwardly of course)? He is. Seriously, my heart stopped and I blushed. I literally froze. He just walked out and didn’t say a word as always.

I think we both need help.


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well, that is funny, but not if it happens to you!

Comment by goodbadandugly2

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