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Accents make me happy
11 November 2008, 9:37 am
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British accents or accents from former British colonies make my day. It just makes me so happy to hear them. Yesterday after my history class, I went to buy coffee before I passed out in the library or my next class and there was this guy in front of me. When he opened his mouth to order a muffin a beautiful British accent came out. I almost died!! Unfortunately, he left before I realized what had just happened. Just now another guy came to my job with a South African accent. These two last days have been wonderful in regards to accents.

Speaking of coffee … the coffee they have at school does not have the same effect Starbucks has on me. My school’s coffee just barely wakes me up, but Starbucks’ doesn’t let me sleep at night, like last night when I drank a Cinnamon Dolce Latte at didn’t go to bed until one which for me is like going to bed at 5 AM. I still want my Dolce Vanilla Latte though. Too bad my roomie and the barista got confused.


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