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Fortune Cookie
2 November 2008, 5:54 pm
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Your ideas are clever, and you will be rewarded.

This is what my fortune cookie told me today after eating chinese food for the second time this weekend. I know I shouldn’t put too much thought into what a cookie tells me, but I’m hoping it means that my decision to start taking Communication Studies classes is a good one. One of my professors was complimenting/ listening while I poured my heart out for an hour after I saw her walking down a hall. Now I feel being in class is going to be awkward. Nice, I just added to the awkward moments in my life. Speaking of which, my sources (people that work with my crush) are making progress in the being his friends department. Thing is, no matter how hard they try talking to him all he does is nod and smile. No words.

Anyways, so tomorrow the Last Shadow Puppets play the Mayan Theatre in Downtown LA. The Muslims are supporting them. Apparently, they’re from San Diego, so we’re basically travelling the same distance if they’re over here. Here’s a video of them from Youtube, which won’t even let me see it because it’s being a complete prick to me… it has those abilities you know.

Actually I lied it decided to play just now. They’re pretty good. Beats Fist Fite and Health. I swear I’ve never heard anything so horrible in my entire life.


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