Ya Heard?

13 October 2008, 2:42 pm
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People have the weirdest names sometimes. I know mine isn’t exactly conventional but other people’s are just plain weird. Like at my job I see so many people or have to look them up and they have last names like True Blood or Bullock. The first one just plain scares me and the last one almost made me giggle, but I was a good girl and I kept a straight face. So so hard to do though.

I’m easily amused and I realized yesterday that I find myself more funny than I actually am. I met my friend’s boyfriend and I was telling what I thought was a funny story and realized I was laughing all by myself. Whatever as long as I’m laughing I guess it’s okay to look ridiculous. Now I just have to sit here one more hour until someone with a scary of funny name comes in to amuse me/ keep me from falling asleep. I still haven’t done my homework either. Procrastination is my middle name. Then again I am “working” so I wouldn’t really have time to do homework if I weren’t working in an office. I, like FOALS, am hungry for the dollar. REALLY hungry. That reminds me this weekend I should by a lotto ticket so I actually have a chance at becoming a millionaire.


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