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Forever 21’s Music
12 October 2008, 6:11 pm
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So today I was (window) shopping at Forever 21 when Mystery Jets’ Young Love came on. Seriously this store always play some of my favorite songs when I’m in there. I find myself singing along too to the despair of my fellow customers. Not that they say anything but I wouldn’t want to hear me singing. Anyways it made me happy. Go Forever 21 for their soundtrack.

Oh this weekend I realized my bangs were pretty shitty so I asked my roommate to cut them. They turned out pretty okay! Best of all it was FREE. Now I just have to look at the pile of hair in our trash can until we take it out. Good thing we used the bathroom one because I knocked the other one over. Oh small college dorms with clumsy inhabitants! Someone get me one of those mansions like the ones on Million Dollar Listing STAT!!!

In other news, last week I found out this guy that I like on campus’s name. Was that even correct English? If only I had the balls to talk to him besides helping him at my job. God I need help! Is anyone out there? ANYONE? I think I’m going to go listen to Lightspeed Champion now so I know I’m not the only person out there … right after I finish listening to Youthmovies that is. Speaking of which I need to expand my music collection because it’s limited compared to other peoples’ on Last FM and such. I’m sad I can’t listen to my new iPod because apparently I need the adapter for my speakers. It better work once I bring it from home because I will be really upset if it doesn’t. I’ll just turn the volume up and listen to it that way. I’m so fucking cheap it’s ridiculous.

Off I go to write a book review for class that I told myself I was going to be good and write this weekend. Who am I fucking kidding? All I did was get stranded in some ghetto (worse than my own mind you), shop, and try to develop pictures to no avail. You know the usual.


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