Ya Heard?

I don’t know what to say
30 October 2008, 6:48 pm
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From a girl I went to elementary school with on Facebook:

you look so much different now. what changed??? but always remember that change is a good thing

I don’t know what to write back! Is she telling me that I’m ugly (uglier)? Or does she think the other girl in my picture, my roomie, is me? I’m flabbergasted.


Last Nite
30 October 2008, 10:57 am
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I dreamt I saw Cut off Your Hands at a warehouse where the crowd was surrounding the whole stage. This is how bad I want to see them … I even dream about it.

Stop Trippin’
29 October 2008, 3:14 pm
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milburn.cent.sep2007.43.jpg, originally uploaded by Lense Eyes.

So this is going to sound wierd but… I work on the lower level of a building so I always have to walk downstairs to get to the office. Well once a week, like seriously at least once, a random person is walking up those stairs when I’m walking down and they trip. I think I’m bad luck or something cuz I doubt my (non-existant) good looks make this happen. Thought I’d share.

There’s a Milburn DVD coming out. I’m contemplating buying it but I’m broke so this might need to wait. Everyone else should get one though. I’ll get my hands on one, but I’ll probably cry because I still can’t get over the fact I never go to see them. You can preorder HERE.

Instead of writing
27 October 2008, 8:14 pm
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the last three pages I need to finish my history paper, I decided to blog because at dinner I saw HIM. From now on my crush= HIM. I almost ran into him when I was getting food and then I realized it was him. I think I had a mini heart attack. While he continues to be oblivious to my existence. Too bad I was with one of my roommates and not one of my friends that works with him cuz he was eating alone and I felt bad. Ughhhhhhhhh I’m so pathetic. This needs to stop! I need to get the guts to talk to him but I can’t just randomly do it!

I’ve been thinking how it’s so weird that there’s something about a person that just attracts you to them. Like my crush, he’s not the cutest guy on campus or anything but there’s just something about him that I like. If only he talked more! Who knows? Maybe we’ll have a class together next semester… but I’m almost done with my GEs so maybe not.

Oh on Friday this weird thing happened to me. There was like this fire drill in one of the buildings I have class in and we all had to evacuate and these three guys were acting weird and turning around and looking at me so I was felt so awkward. Then we had to go back up some stairs to the classroom and they stalled until I was going up the stairs and then one of them walked fast to open the door and when I walked in he like bumped into me on purpose. It was so strange! Maybe they were picking on me because I’m so little. Short people have hearts too you know! Then again had it been HIM I wouldn’t have minded.

Oh yeah and almost bumping into him reminded me of Kate Nash’s song “We Get On”. It was basically playing in the back of my head after that.

PS My roommate that annoys me has started saying ages like I do all the time. I always say “Ages ago” or something to that effect and I heard her saying it yesterday. She’s only adding to the pet peeves I have against her. I think she’s a klepto too because she steals our IDs and sees us searching everywhere for them and then they magically reappear sometimes in her hands. Seriously get a life! Why do you need to steal our IDs?

One week
27 October 2008, 10:45 am
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until I see the Last Shadow Puppets. I’m not as excited as I would be if it were Arctic Monkeys but maybe I’ll get my adrenaline rush when I’m already there… Hopefully.

Maybe they’ll play the Beatles cover they’ve been doing recently. I’m still hoping they play Two Hearts in Two Weeks but I haven’t seen it on any of the setlists I’ve run across 😦

Hershey’s Kisses and Hitler
26 October 2008, 3:38 pm
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my Sunday in a nutshell.

26 October 2008, 3:21 pm
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I have a new co-worker who is not bad looking at all and I actually find it pretty easy to talk to him and he laughs at my stories and we watch Youtube videos together which is so much fun. Like the Charlie Bit Me one and the one where that lady singing on the table falls off. Seriously who would think standing on a table, especially if you’re that big, is a good idea? Sometimes I wish he were my crush though so it could be that easy to talk to him. Crush update: my friend tried talking to him but she says he barely answers her back. Seriously I’m shy too but when someone talks to me I totally talk back and don’t shut up!! Anyways, I told her to tell him how funny I am (just like mentioning a random friend, you know?) and she was like ok… ahah I doubt she’ll do it though and she might scare him off if she tries so hard to be his friend.

Maybe I should change the object of my affection …

P.S. one of my friends met Heidi Klum! He has a picture with her on Facebook! I’m so jealous!