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There comes a time…
10 September 2008, 4:48 pm
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There comes a time every school year when I feel like to put it simply, a dumb ass. Like I’m dumb and not smart enough for school. I’m too harsh on myself but that’s just the way I feel. Anyways working off this feeling I drop a class (or, in this case, two) and get a new one. Hopefully this’ll just make me feel smart again like it has before. So my life has been really hectic and I don’t even have time to sleep or relax even though somehow I manage to not get my work done. My goal to stop procrastinating has gone through the drain once again. What a surprise. And one week from today I’m going to be in LA watching Foals so this is probably the only thing that’s going to get me through this week. Oh and did I mention I’m broke because I managed to spend most of my money on clothes last weekend and am not getting paid for a whole week. I need to go on the dole as the British would say.


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