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Labor Day
30 August 2008, 7:05 pm
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I know we’re celebrating people that work on Labor Day but do you really need to close COSTCO that day? Why? WHY? I appreciate people who make a living for themselves but I need to do some back to school shopping especially when the woman who gave me life is going to pay for it. I barely make 300 dollars a month so I can use all the help i can get. Maybe “celebrities/reality stars” should work at Costco during Labor Day, it would make for some good television. Think about it guys! You could also use the work experience. I’m talking to you Paris Hilton.

Anyways how about that McCain choosing Palin as his running mate. Smart move old man! Daddy Yankee wants me to vote for him I can’t say no to someone with such a paternal and patriotic name. Oh god its the Governator all over again.

Moving on … College is coming soon! Thank you lord. I don’t think I could stand another week at home. I need the excitement of people my own age. Even though I suck at meeting people and people skills in general, I need to be out there. Independent. Unsupervised, Exposed, Learning, Bitching & Complaining, Trying to figure out the rest of my life, Freaking out, Bestowing nicknames on everything I see. Oh and Not eating is going to be added to this as I don’t know how to cook and do not have enough meals to last me this semester. This could be a good thing. Maybe. Right now it looks like Ramen and Salad are in my future. That is unless I get my hands on a cookbook and follow the directions well.

In other news. I need to expand my music library but sticking to the one I already have Foals have put out their video for Olympic Airways 

 Sorry if you just read that whole thing just for the video. I have no one to talk to/ have even less of a life than I already do.


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