Ya Heard?

Back from the mother country

…where there are no cellphone towers (and therefore no reception), domestic telephones, washing machines, and worst of all no internet. It was too much to bear for this lover of music. Thankfully I’m back and have had the pleasure to listen to new tracks from The Backhanded Compliments (two-thirds of the members were previously in the now defunct Sheffield band, Milburn … I seriously cried because they never toured the States) and the new CSS album, which has my new favorite songs: Beautiful Song and Jager Yoga. There’s also new bsides from The Last Shadow Puppets who I’ll get to see in November when they play the Mayan Theatre (hopefully with an orchestra considering the price of the ticket when they basically havent toured ANYWHERE). Speaking of which my friends and I got to see Does It Offend You, Yeah? supporting Bloc Party along with Friendly Fires who definately impressed me so I’ve naturally been listening to them alot since then. Their debut album is out in England in September I believe, as for here… we’re always behind the times so who knows when we’ll get it. They’re not the BEST band I’ve heard in a while, but they’re definately catchy. As for my favorite band, Foals, they’re in Chicago and have already played a free in-store at the Apple Store and as I type are probably playing at Lollapalooza. If only I were rich and had money to fly over there and see them play. Then again that’s kind of creepy… I mean how weird is it to travel all the way to Chicago to see a band, when eventually they’re coming to your town? Anyways Foals will be coming to the West Coast in September, which will help me keep my sanity until after their concert when I’ll wish that however many months need to go by until their next American tour go by FAST so I can see them again.

Does It Offend You, Yeah? at the Mayan


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